A photo a day keeps the doctor away.....

Upon my arrival in the Middle East, I decided to undertake a photographic project that would test my skills and creativity. Although not unique by any means, it was decided that the project would involve taking one photo every day for a full year. It sounds easy and glamorous but as I soon discovered, not as straight forward as one would think. Extreme heat, fatigue, creativity blocks and social commitments have all taken their turns in hampering and sabotaging my project, yet alas they did not succeed, try as they might!!!!!

There are a number of rules associated with this project;

1) No photo can be repeated (although diurnal and nocturnal photos of the same spot are acceptable)

2) Manual lenses are to be used as often as possible

3) No self portraits

4) As many photographic genera's should be covered

5) At the end of every month give yourself a pat on the back and a celebratory beer

Basically thats the name of the game. Its simple yet complicated, routine yet creative, not unique but entirely individual. For this blog I've decided to share some photos from my outings.

The count is 65 days and counting.......



Keep a good eye on me


daily stroll

End of work day

alien world

room with a view


smooth sailing

flying high


life in the fast lane


More to come in a while.....