Article in The National newspaper

Occasionally one gets to combine business with pleasure and the results of this can be seen by the article published in The National newspaper. I have included a link below;

Currently I am employed by the United Arab Emirates University to discover the breeding biology and ecology of the Socotra Cormorant (Phalacrocorax nigrogularis). This species of water bird is threatened here in the United Arab Emirates and is endemic to the Arabian Gulf. With the amount of pollution, habitat destruction and other threatening processes these birds face, it's more likely in the category of Endangered but as studies of these birds are basically non-existent, there is little data to help support its conservation re-categorization. 

I approached the National newspaper and put my story forward and they agreed to publish a story to support this misunderstood and unappreciated cormorant. Not only was I interviewed for it but I also supplied the photographs for the article. It was a win/win for both the bird and my aspiring photography career. I have included the photos from the article below for your perusal and I encourage everyone to read the article and help give this truly amazing species the help it needs and deserves to survive.

A sea of chicks

Male cormorant with glorious feather sheen

Island where the birds breed

Next generation ready to take on the world
We must never forget that every species on this planet deserves the right to exist even if they may not be the most cute and cuddly. If you wish to support the conservation of the Socotra Cormorant feel free to email directly.

Happy travels

Rob Gubiani