The Desert is not boring!

Given the stigma associated with desert environments is one of emptiness, heat and desolation, I decided to prove the 


wrong. Yes, it does get hot and there is a real element of emptiness, but the word "desolation" is one that can be construed many different ways. I decided to go out and shoot the desert around Liwa in black and white to demonstrate that the desert is not in fact desolate, but a microcosm of lines, shapes and minimalist beauty. 

Looking beyond the sand shows how the wind blows and the way that the desert is forever evolving and shifting. The people who live and work in the desert are charismatic and friendly. They seem to live life in accordance with the shifting sands of the desert.

Once you delve deeper into the dunes away from civilisation, the intricacies of the desert landscape become more pronounced and beautiful.

Take the time to get out there and enjoy it if you can.

Happy travels,