Portrait of a street cat

I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of cats. The damage they inflict on native fauna populations is disturbing to say the least, and therefore I have a slight dislike of them as a whole. Having said that though one shouldn't hate them for doing something that comes naturally to them.

It was this train of thought that led me to undertake this current project. I hoped that in the process of doing this, I would learn how to remove the inner dislike for them and give them a second chance. To do this I decided to document the street cats by taking their portraits and trying to show them in a more positive light.

These cats have a tough life. A lot of them have been abused or tortured and many have been dumped as their owners have left the country. Many are angry but some are friendly, and they definitely all have their own personalities. 

The majority of these cats are living right here in Abu Dhabi, but some have been captured from Oman and Turkey. This is an ongoing project and it has changed my perception of these unfortunate animals. 

Next time think about what your subjecting these animals to next time you consider dumping your unwanted pet or not getting the neutered. 

I encourage people to adopt a cat from a shelter and get them registered and neutered. The photos I have here are just a snapshot of the number of cats I've seen. Please do the right thing.

Happy travels,

Rob Gubiani

Email: robgubiani@gmail.com