Georgia...Georgia...You were always on my mind!

Georgia isn't a country that is high on many peoples radar. Post Soviet countries, I personally feel are a snapshot back into time and Georgia is no different. The people are friendly, the food is hearty, the beer is plentiful and the history is fascinating. Exploring the back streets is a bonus especially in the old town. I would strongly encourage visiting the country before its traditional charm and charisma is lost to the modern world.

I spent my time in the capital Tbilisi and the countryside. I walked and immersed myself in the local culture. I present my photographic journey to you.

Old town

Nicely parked

Do the right thing

Alley ways are full of surprises

Old and rustic

Watchful eye

Many years of use

Restoration potential

Street games

It's all uphill from here

Metekhi church


Candle light prayer

Peace bridge

Inner peace bridge

Nuts covered in flavoured grape juice

Tough times

Interesting details are everywhere

Time to explore

Cow horns...traditional drinking cups

Watermelon season

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

Rooftop stairway

Impressive exterior

Simplistic interior

No shortage of gold


View from the front door

The past is not hard to find

Simple tools and pleasures

Interesting art spaces are common

Dry bridge market is full of goodies

Ready for a bargain?

Who you going to call?

Fresh produce

Clear distinctions between the classes

Helping hand

Street colour

No shortage of greenery in the city centre

Old vs new art

The funicular to Mtatsminda Park

Wonderful headstones

Light in the dark

Beautiful interior


Priest daily stroll

Well used path

Tbilisi at night

Street detail


Peace bridge at night

 After a number of days in the city centre, I headed out to the countryside for a different perspective and was blown away with its serenity and beauty. First stop was a historical monastery on the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Walking into history

Path in the darkness

Priests still live here in the caves

A room with a view

The road less used

Azerbaijan geography

Border post

Hummingbird Hawk moth (

Macroglossum stellatarum


Egyptian vulter

Ancient frescos

Cliff face art

Old feeding station for monks

Eroded yet still amazing

View over to Azerbaijan

Rolling chocolate hills

Looking down into Georgia


The worlds second longest wall

Local church

Lunch time

A true gem of a country.

Safe travels

Rob Gubiani