Nepal - The countryside


The real jewel of Nepal is its countryside. The simple farming life, amazing mountains, abundant wildlife and relaxed atmosphere makes the transition from the city to the country side an incredibly enjoyable one. 

Small towns dot the countryside and the Nepalese people are always offering a welcoming smile. Although it is difficult to relate to their lifestyle at times, it doesn't detract from being impressed by their strength and resilience. Sunrise heralds the start of their day and when it's complete, it is time to spend time with family and soak in their spectacular surroundings.

Bathed in gold

Prayer time

Mountain village

Sometimes it's hard to wake up

Field worker

Nepal awakes


Heading to work

Pokhara lake


Tending to the boats

Steep climb

The guardian

Valley view

Prayer flags

Rural living

Hard work

Three kids

Traditional dancers at night

The countryside's wildlife is the most spectacular I have ever seen. All manner of insects, mammals and bird life abound. Nepal's jungle and surrounding ecosystems were a constant source of amazement for me and I really wish I could have spent more time there. Although I was privy enough to see a sloth bear, the tiger remained elusive.

Baby Rhino

Keeping a close eye


Bird of prey on the lookout

Sleeping rhino

Barking Deer in the jungle

Poised to run

Well balanced

Senset over the mountains

Point of interest


Elephant ride

Laying in wait

Rain flower

Sunset on the water

Drying after the rain



Matching colours

Tiger butterfly


Frontal view


Beautiful predator


Local resident

Prey mantis


Colourful sunbird

Water buffalo

Rice flowers




 I can't recommend Nepal enough, especially when you escape the city areas. It is a country with a eclectic blend of religion, traditionalism and amazing nature.

Safe travels,

Rob Gubiani