Xposure International Photography Festival

The inaugural year for the Xposure International Photography Festival saw many world class photographers sharing stories and images that engaged the viewer and were evocative on multiple levels. International artists such as Don McCullin, David Yarrow, David Alan Harvey, Carolyn Drake, Timothy Allan and Ian Ruhter all showcased why they are so revered within the photography world. Organiser Simon Newton put together a festival that engaged the public with various seminars, workshops, portfolio reviews, exhibitions and competitions. The festival was unforgettable.

It was with great pleasure that I was able to present a seminar myself at this festival under the title "Perspectives of a Green Heart". My presentation focused on the use of powerful imagery to help form a reconnection with the natural world. Photojournalistic stories of local and international wildlife and landscapes were incorporated to provide a sense of scale and diversity. It was ta lot of fun and I look forward to seeing and hopefully participating in next years festival. Additional information can be found at https://xposure.ae

My case study on the connection between traditional culture and animals

Socotra Cormorant - an ugly black bird that deserves a chance.

Thank you to for those who attended and those who could not but provided support from afar. 

Happy shooting.

Rob Gubiani

Email: info@robgubiani.com