Features Overview

The following is a list of media sources where I have been fortunate enough to appear in or present at. 

Feature 1

Gulf news article titled "Wildlife in the UAE" An exhibition of fauna jewels of the UAE at the Cartoon Gallery in Dubai of which I contributed a number of images.

Gulf news May 16 2017

Your shot featured in National Geographic Arabia focussed on Urban wildlife in the UAE of which my image was selected and fox experience reported.

National Geographic Magazine August 2015

Feature article in the National discussion the newly discovered cannibalistic behaviour exhibited in Socotra Cormorants using my images and research.

The National March 2012

Feature 2

Feature article in Mathrubhumi newspaper promoting the conservation message of the "Wildlife in the UAE" exhibition in Dubai of which I contributed images to.

Mathrubhumi May 16 2017

A feature article of the Reem island fox based on my photography and experience with the charismatic Mr Fox. 

The National April 2015

Xposure Photography Festival

Presented  "Perspectives of a green heart" highlighting the link between conservation and photography as a tool for change. 

Xposure September 2016

A feature article on the movement patterns and conservation efforts to save the Socotra Cormorant with images and interview material provided by me.

The National September 2013